sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

· · · pendular pocket · · ·

Hay cosas que nos hacen muy felices, como por ejemplo, quedar con los amigos, los festivales de música, visitar a la familia, ir de compras... bueno un montón, pero una de ellas, es recibir en THE BOX cosas bonitas, y para cosas bonitas las que hace Cristina Paniagua, ayyyy, su marca nos encanta desde hace mucho tiempo, cuando se llamaba p[pi], ahora es pendular pocket, y cómo no, nos sigue gustando muchísimo.

Acabados super pulidos, calidad en los materiales, colores super guays, bolsos y carteras que se trasforman al intercambiar las piezas... qué mas se puede pedir, y es que encima ella es una chica majísima y es un placer tenerla en nuestra tiendita.

AMOR INFINITO a pendular pocket ♡ ♡ ♡

Os escribimos algo sobre ella y su marca:

"After studying Fine Arts, I decided to do fashion design, particularly bags. I started this project in 2003. I began making bags, and clothes a bit later. Nowadays I’m focused on bags design, which is the real motivation and constant in my work. It is what I love to make definitely.
From my point of view, the bag looks like a very interesting object, not only its shape but also conceptually. A bag works in a multitude ways: as an ornament you can carry it with you, but it also works just over a table or just hanging from a rack. And we cannot forget its most useful service: as an storage piece. For all these things, a bag is a very interesting object to design. And this is what I do for living: exploring this possibilities always keeping in mind the practicity and confort.
In my studio, I make every piece in an artisanal way. I try to make the production process attractive to me. I research on new techniques so I can apply them to my work, always in constant learning and evolution. My expertise is craft production. For me, spending time and effort to every piece is important for the final result, but it is also important to me to enjoy my work.
This project was born 11 years ago with the name of p[pi:], a formula that now I’ve had the feeling to solve. In all these years, there’s been a very big evolution in my work, a lot of changes. I wanted to reflect this evolution in the name I use to sign my pieces. So finally, the solution to this formula is Pendular pocket."
Cristina Paniagua Periscal.

Y ahora algunas fotos de los bolsos y carteras que tenemos en la tienda:


BOY multipurpose bag
BOY minibag

FALL backpack verde
FALL backpack rosa

FALL purse tejano

Os esperamos en:

c/ brosolí 8 - BORN - BCN
l: 15-21h